Skin Matters is dedicated to delivering ultimate results while providing the utmost in client care and satisfaction. Our Mission is to provide the most current procedures, treatments, and clinical products in a relaxing atmosphere, offering the perfect balance between clinical and luxury.

   We specialize in all areas of medical skin care with an emphasis on correction, protection and maintenance. We determine your short and long term skin care goals and design a program to achieve the results you desire. Whether you are interested in basic home care and protection or full service corrective treatments, you will achieve your skin care goals through the professionals at Skin Matters.

   We are active members of The Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists. The SPSSCS is an organization committed to promoting education, enhancement of clinical skills, and the delivery of safe, quality skin care in the offices of board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons. 

   The staff at Skin Matters follows the same professional commitment and philosophy of patient care as that of Dr. Pownell. One of our philosophies is commitment to educating our clients about skincare, sorting out fact from myths and truth from hype. Therefore, we invite you to peruse our website, contact us for information and call us for a complimentary consultation.

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Skin Matters
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