Why We Choose…….A note on the difference between clinical skin care products versus “over the counter” products.

   Skin care products that are dispensed through physician’s offices offer the client scientifically validated products that contain higher concentrations of bioactive ingredients, formulated with more sophisticated delivery systems. The formulations are based on clinical/scientific studies and laboratory testing. Bioactive ingredients have the ability to significantly impact the cellular structure or function of the skin.

   Skin Matters is dedicated to continuous research and testing, providing you with the most scientific, progressive skin care services and products on the market today.  We believe in continuing education to benefit you, our client. We identify the needs of our clients and provide, what we feel, are the most effective professional treatments and home care products.

   We sort out the facts from the hype. What that means is we will always strive to keep ourselves, and you, informed and educated as to what we feel is the very best systems to achieve the results for which you are looking.

   Therefore, you can be assured that we will recommend the most effective and results-oriented skin care products available in the medical marketplace. We provide individualized,  home care management systems to correct and protect all skin types including sensitive, anti-aging, photo damage, hyperpigmentation and acne.

Skin Matters
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