Moh's Reconstruction
       Skin cancer remains a frequently diagnosed form of cancer. It can affect all ages depending on risk factors and exposure to specific initiating agents. The most common initiating and promoting agent is sun exposure. A large majority of skin cancers involve the face. Because little extra skin is available on the face, a specialized technique has been developed to remove the tumors. Moh's Micrographic Surgery is the technique that involves surgically "mapping" the tumors with microscopic confirmation of its removal. This procedure is usually performed by a dermatologist that also specializes in skin pathology.

       After the cancer has been removed, the Moh's surgeon frequently requests the assistance of Dr. Pownell to reconstruct the defects. Dr. Pownell has reconstructed thousands of patients after these procedures. Creative and innovative surgical plans are required to limit further deformity and restore the patient to as much of his presurgical state as possible. These procedures are usually performed as an outpatient surgical procedure under sedation anesthesia.

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